Member Support

With you every step of the way.

Since our inception in 1985 HomeLife we have dedicated ourselves to providing our members with industry leading support in every area of their business. Our experts will help you at every step along the path to ownership form financial viability assessments and market evaluations to aiding you in your choice of office location and design.

Our proprietary systems, services and tools were created to aid in the continued development and success of your office and . Our experience in Real Estate has lead to the creation of unique programs that provide answers to
problems faced by Real Estate professionals.

Community Marketing

A key factor in the success of any business is positive brand recognition.
Our community Marketing programs featuring our brand Ambassador Jerome the gnome™ give you the ability effectively establish your presence your community, create good will and generate la steady stream of viable leads.


Recruiting and Retention

We have multiple plans and systems to help you recruit and retain top producers.
Every market is different and our plans give HomeLife members the ability to compete regardless of adverse situations in their chosen market.


Marketing and Advertising

Our marketing team is constantly researching and creating new and innovative ways in which our members can advertise their services. Over the course of a year HomeLife corporate executes advertising campaigns across multiple mediums to keep the brand relevant in the minds of consumers.



HomeLife and the HomeLife University™ have taken real estate sales and management education to the next level with its MBA programs. Developed by corporate trainers, professional educators and marketing experts the MBA programs represent the state of the art in industry education and cover all aspects of the business from social media marketing to business etiquette and beyond. The level of knowledge bestowed on sales representatives and brokers who take advantage of the MBA education is unparalleled and sets them apart form the competition while preparing them for rewarding careers.

There is so much more to our story

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