About Us

Our History

HomeLife was founded in 1985 as an international real estate Franchisor in Toronto Canada. HomeLife now maintains a strong presence through out North America and the world.

Our Mission

At HomeLife™ Realty Services Inc., our mission is to provide our clients with the Highest Standards real estate services possible. This ensures that the HomeLife™ name is synonymous with experience, professionalism and results, with the intent to clearly differentiate HomeLife™ from the rest of the real estate industry.

Our Vision

At HomeLife™ we embrace our vision of “Higher Standards™”. Higher Standards™ is a belief that permeates all aspects of our organization and provides the model for how we conduct ourselves in everything we do. It is not just a theory, but a practice. This is our commitment to our Brokers, our Sales Representatives, and our Clients.

Our Brand

Our Name speaks to the universal need to find and enjoy a Home and to build and live a comfortable Life surrounded by loved ones.

The HomeLife brand is one of the most recognizable in the industry and was created with thought and care to communicate the positive characteristics of the company and it’s high level of service to the consumer.

The HomeLife Brand represents:


A high level of competent customer service and representation.


The HomeLife brand and it’s representatives fulfill it’s promise, Higher Standards.


To meet the expectations of the consumer in the market it represents.


A strong brand with an attractive look, feel and philosophy.

Our Logo

  • The five star device speaks to our commitment to provide the highest level of service.
  • The laurel wreath is a direct representation of the quality consumers can expect from HomeLife.
  • The Door knocker demonstrates our accessibility. Knock on our door we are here to help.